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Principal's Message

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 5th! 

Please join us for Open Houses on

Monday, August 28th:

  • Earle Brown Elementary School 4pm-6pm
  • Brooklyn Center Middle & High School 5pm-7pm
  • Brooklyn Center Early College Academy 5pm-7pm 


We are excited about starting the 2017-18 school year!  We have a lot of great changes occurring this year: launching our new STEAM initiative, our new school name, and six priorities this year that will drive our work.

As a result of our transition from IB World to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), we have adopted a new school name.  We will be formally known as Earle Brown Elementary School.

The six priorities that will drive our work this year were developed through collaboration with staff:


Priority Goal 1: Develop a Comprehensive Social Emotional Program that will support positive student behavior/culture and provide alternatives to suspension.
Priority Goal 2: Implement teacher support for new incoming and non-tenured teachers to improve socialization and academic support on our campus.
Priority Goal 3: Increase appropriate services and resources for special education students and create protocols to ensure staff can engage in authentic discussion and share decision-making.
Priority Goal 4: Determine and provide needed resources for STEAM.
Priority Goal 5: Create more opportunities for peer observation and feedback.
Priority Goal 6: Increase use of core curriculum assessments and intervention materials to monitor student progress and increase academic acceleration.


Dr. Callie Lalugba, Earle Brown Elementary School Principal