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Bus Protocol

Bus ridership is a service which we are fortunate to be able to provide, both during the school day as well as a portion of our after school programming.

The drivers goal each and every day will continue to be to transport your child to and from school safely.

With that comes the expectation that students will follow all of the bus safety expectations which are asked of them.

This year at Earle Brown we are holding students to this high safety expectation by extending any consequences which may occur on the regular day bus to include after school behaviors. This means that if your child gets a bus write-up in the morning, that issue will be considered as an infraction for all ridership opportunities.

It is our expectation that all students who board a bus, no matter the time, will be afforded a peaceful ridership. If a child decides to stop good order on the bus, no matter the time of day, loss of ridership could be the cost.