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Help for EB Teachers

I was able to introduce myself to EB staff this morning (October 12, 2012). What a blast to feel the energy of teachers who are passionate about what they do! This is why I love EB and am so delighted "my kids" go here!

As an extension of my work with PTO, I'm available to help teachers/staff with their computer/tech needs. I'm not replacing Daniel -- he's still the IT guru. What I can do is provide some additional, hands-on help for many of you.

Here are some things I can do:
  • Provide 1 to 1 training on computer-related tools (Google email, docs, etc.)
  • Help get personal/classroom web pages up and running
  • Create new resources for use by you, parents or students
  • Identify supplemental resources that can help you in the classroom.
There are probably other things we can think of as we talk, but these ideas come to mind in this early stage. 

Apt Metaphor: I heard about a college that, after building new buildings, waited to see where the foot traffic wore paths in the ground before deciding on the placement of sidewalks. In some ways, that's how I imagine my support of teachers working. I have ideas where the "foot traffic" will be, but I'm more interested in learning from you, EB staff, where the sidewalk needs to be. in touch, and let me know how I can help you out.


[email any time...I'm online a lot! Calls are welcome 8a-8p]